2 Ways to Hide Whatsapp Chat in Android/iOS [Secret Chat]

Being the most popular and free medium of chatting Whatsapp is unbeatable. But When it comes to keeping secret chats you have only one option Hide Whatsapp Chat in any way.

Keeping secret chats from your parents is the most common thing you are here to look for The Ways to Hide your Whatsapp Chat right?

Anyways just feel free to apply these methods and hide your WhatsApp secret chats in just 3 steps.

How to Hide Whatsapp Chat?

This guide changes as per your device, check the guide below given for particular device as Android and iOS guide.

Make sure you want to use these tricks as whatever you will do is your responsibility, I will not be responsible for any of your losses.

2 Ways to Hide Whatsapp Chat in Android:

The First way is by using the Whatsapp Archive Features via settings. and the second one is using a Whatsapp Mod known as GB Whatsapp APK.

Hide Whatsapp Chats using Archive Features:

  • First go to Whatsapp Settings
  • Then go to Chat option and click on Chat History
  • Now you will see one option with Archive All Chats that hide your all chats in Whatsapp.
Hide Whatsapp Chat using Whatsapp Archive

Hide Whatsapp Chats using GB Whatsapp:

  • Follow this guide to Download and Install GB Whatsapp
  • Then Click on 3 Dots option in GB Whatsapp and in the Last you will see Hide option.
  • Then Select the Chats one by one that you want to hide and click OK
Hide Whatsapp Chat using GB Whatsapp

How to Hide Whatsapp Chat in iPhone?

It is really simple to hide chat on an iPhone device. you can do this in just one single step using the Archive Method.

  • Just Select and Left Swipe the Whatsapp chat you want to hide
  • Then you will see Archive option click on that and your Whatsapp Chat will get hidden.
Chat Hide option in iphone device

The latest WhatsApp has introduced the App Lock feature that you can enable from the Settings in Android and iPhone both.

This App Lock feature helps you to enable any type of Lock when you want to open your Whatsapp so no one except you can access your Whatsapp.

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